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Spring 2024 Practice Period 

with Zenshin Greg Fain and Shinchi Linda Galijan

February 24 - April 21, 2024

Here are some questions we've had that may be helpful for all:

  • Can I attend just some of the practice period? Yes! We are making this offering for you to participate to the best of your ability and availability, whatever that may be. You can take part in everything for a very rich experience, or if your circumstances don't allow, you can participate in a 1 day or 3 day sesshin (retreat), for just one or more of the classes, or even just come for the dharma talks that will be offered every Sunday.

  • Can I attend if I can't pay the suggested donation amount? Yes! All of our offerings are offered with no expectation of a donation--any donation of money or time is always welcome and helps sustain our sangha, but no donation or particular amount is required, ever.

  • What if I don't feel like I have enough experience for a full practice period? The practice period is open to anyone who wants to dive a bit deeper in their meditation and spiritual practice, no matter how much experience you have. Senior teachers will be available for one-on-one support, and there will be many opportunities to meet with other fellow students throughout.

  • Is it too late to sign up? No, you can still sign up for any of the practice period, and you can find out more below.

  • What if I have questions? Please feel free to reach out to Jon Voss, who will be serving as shuso, or head monk, for this practice period and he can help answer questions or connect you with someone who can.

Practice period is a tradition going back to the time of the Buddha, when the monks would cease their wandering in the forests and gather during the rainy season to practice together as a community. In the tradition of Japanese Zen, they tend to be three-month periods of time and are known as “ango,” which is often translated as “Peaceful abiding.” It offers an excellent opportunity for deeper study and practice.

Visiting teachers Greg Fain and Linda Galijan will be joining us in person for the practice period. They will be leading an 8 part class that helps inform our teaching and practice for the duration. The practice period will feature dharma talks every Sunday at 11am.  

We will be studying the Song of the Jewel Mirror Samadhi. This ancient Zen poem, attributed to Dongshan Liangjie (J: Tozan Ryokai), is chanted regularly in most Soto Zen temples.  The Jewel Mirror Samadhi uses a kaleidoscopic series of poetic images to convey the interplay of the Absolute and the Relative. Paradoxically, the song itself also states, “the meaning is not in the words” and “just to depict it in literary form is to stain it with defilement.” Together we will investigate what Dongshan calls “the teaching of thusness,” and how this teaching can inform our lives and ease our suffering. 

Our Mid City Zen spring practice period will begin on February 24 and end on April 21. We look forward to coming together as a community in peaceful abiding.

We are asking each participant to commit to intensify your practice in whatever way you can. This might mean sitting zazen at home each day, or more study. Visiting Teachers Greg Fain and Linda Galijan will also be available for Dokusan (one-on-one practice discussions) while they are here. 

We are asking folks to commit to as much of the practice period as you can. Please fill out this registration to express your intention and your availability. Attendance is available via Zoom and in-person. If you are not able to attend some of the events.

Practice Period Events (check back often for updates)

Full Day Retreat

February 24: 7am - 5pm

see full schedule

breakfast and lunch included

Practice Period Opening Ceremony and Shuso Invitation Ceremony

February 25: zazen 9:30-11am, ceremonies following the regular Sunday sitting schedule


Class Series

8 week class series on the Song of the Jewel Mirror Samadhi

Wednesday Evenings 5:45- 6:45pm, begins Feb 28

Classes will be recorded and you may attend via Zoom or in-person

Featuring March 27 guest lecture by Taigan Dan Leighton, author of Just This Is It: Dongshan and the Practice of Suchness

Orientation for 3 Day Retreat

April 18, 6:30pm


Final Retreat (Three Day Sesshin)

April 19-21

April 19: 7am - 5pm, April 20: 7am - 5pm, April 21: 8am - noon 

Breakfast and lunch included April 19-20

Full Schedule here

The retreat will end by about noon on April 21


Shuso Ceremony

April 21, 2pm

All are welcome to join the Shuso Ceremony, which will be held at the temple at 2pm.

In this ceremony, the shuso, or head monk, Jon Voss, will share his practice and understanding in a public ceremony, the culmination of our 8-week practice period.

Public reception will follow.

Please RSVP here.

Suggested Donations:

No one turned away for lack of funds, any donation welcome.


Full Practice Period:

$150 for Members    $250 for Non-Members

Class Series Only:

$100 for Members    $150 for Non-Members

3-Day Retreat Only:

$100 for Members    $150 for Non-Members

1-Day Retreat Only:

$10 for Members    $20 for Non-Members

Please email with any questions


Subscibe for updates on upcoming classes and events!

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