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The Board of Mid City Zen Calls for an end to the death penalty in Louisiana

In support of Louisiana InterFaith Against Executions: Press Conference and Prayer Vigil for Mercy, Life, and Compassion. Wednesday Feb 28th, 9am-10am Steps of the Louisiana State Capital


This is a call for mercy, life, and compassion. We join the chorus of people calling for an end to the death penalty in Louisiana, because it is barbaric, dehumanizing, and unjust. We support your work and we are joining you in meditation and prayer from our New Orleans temple this morning.


As practitioners, we vow to uphold the Buddhist precepts, our foundational ethical guidelines. The first precept states, “We do not kill.  We sustain life.” In this call for an end to the death penalty in Louisiana, we implicitly acknowledge the suffering of all beings in all places — in our temple, in the city of New Orleans, in the state of Louisiana, in Palestine and Israel, Ukraine, Sudan, and in countless conflicts around the world. We are committed to the ongoing effort of decreasing violence in ourselves and in the world, and we welcome all to join us in this work.


We dedicate the merit of our words and deeds this morning to protecting the lives of incarcerated people, 

to the resolution of conflict based on the delusion of separation, 

to lasting peace, well-being, and safety for those whose lives are touched by violence and hatred,

and to the realization of the one life we live together.


May these words help heal the suffering and confusion of the world. May we cultivate the capacity to understand the causes and conditions of suffering. May we, with all our acts of body, speech, and mind, dedicate ourselves to peace, compassion and lovingkindness.

Mid City Zen Board of Directors

February 28, 2024

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