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All of Mid City Zen's activities are supported by donations.  By becoming a monthly member you are sustaining the community of practice here.  You can become a member by creating a monthly recurring donation of any amount. Your support allows us to have a place for people to settle their minds and hearts and steep in the teachings of the Buddha.  Monthly membership is essential is creating the stability and development of our sangha, and all donations are fully tax deductibe. 

*please check the box that says "make this a monthly donation"

Sustaining Membership: $75 or more

Supporting Membership: $50-75

Basic Membership or low income: $40 or less

Choose Your Own: any amount

What Does Membership Support?

All of Mid City Zen Center's programs are dependent on the generosity of donors and members.  Membership funds are used toward programming, renting the space, supplies, utilities, visiting teachers and other expenses. 


Benefits of Membership

In addition to sustaining the community, benefits of membership include:

  • Voting privileges in Member meetings (after 3 months of membership)

  • The opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors and other administrative roles

  • Organizing events and sharing leadership

  • Discounts on classes, sesshins, and other paid programming (after 3 months of membership)

  • 10% discount at the San Francisco Zen Center bookstore


By becoming a member, you are creating a thriving community of wisdom and love.  We are committed to keeping costs of our programming low so that they are accessible to all.  Ongoing membership pledges allow us to do this.

Thanks so much!

Mid City Zen is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.

If paying by check, please send to:

Mid City Zen

PO Box 791400
New Orleans LA 70179

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